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Fun Casino Tables ImageThe latest idea is to hire a mobile "fun casino" which brings to the party the glitziness of "Las Vegas" coupled with the glamour and sophistication of "Monte Carlo". A "fun casino" is the playing of games, such as roulette and blackjack, with "fun money". As such it does not contravene any gaming laws, as no one pays for their chips with real money, they do not win a cash prize, and is therefore totally legal and acceptable at any venue or in your home. Most guests who play will be doing something that is not within their normal sphere of entertainment and taking part in the games will bring a whole new dimension into their life where they can play for thousands of fun pounds and gamble with the gay abandon of the jet set, yet not lose their shirt. At the same time, they are playing in friendly competition alongside other guests and getting to know each other, already they now have something in common to talk about. The person, who at the end of play, wins the most "fun money" receives a prize from the host, usually a bottle of champagne.

Casino tablesYour guests have arrived at your event what do they do now? This is a very important time for them, do they sit there feeling awkward, prop up the bar or try and make small talk with people they don't really know.

They could be entertained now with something that adds glamour, glitz and a fun atmosphere to any birthday party, an entertainment that will really give the birthday boy /girl and the guests a night to remember.

*Before your guests arrive, full-size gaming tables are set up and the "fun money" is distributed to the guests as they arrive (this money will usually have been personalised with the birthday persons photo, possibly in a humorous pose). As the guests arrive and met, they are greeted by a sight few will have seen before a full size roulette wheel and gaming tables. The "wow" factor is overwhelming, the hosts really have thought of every thing.

An announcement that "The casino tables are open" brings a flurry of activity as players flock round. Family and friends who don't know how to play are quickly taught "one to one" at the tables by the croupiers, who run these easy to understand games, they have great experience in dealing with novices and non-gamblers in a non-intimidating manner. The smartly attired croupiers are chosen to be patient and to create an exciting atmosphere amongst the players.

The good natured banter of the croupiers to the guests, varying between praise for the skill and luck of the winners, to sympathy for the bad luck of the losers, enhances everyone's sense of participation and fun. During playing time guests can come and go as they please they are not tied down to playing the whole time. At close of play, the last spin, after which the winner is announced, is a very exciting time when everyone's final bets are placed hoping to secure the lead from the favourite and be declared that they are the winner. Casino table fun money image

Play sessions usually last anything from 1 hrs. to 3 hrs. or may even be incorporated into running alongside part of the night-time entertainment.

This is a totally flexible, cost-effective way of entertaining the guests, which really does provide the finishing touch to any birthday celebration whether at home or in a venue as it adds to the fun and fond memories of the party, both for the host and the guests. Many of whom, at the end of play, want their "fun money" notes back, to keep as a souvenir of the night

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*Set up time depends on the time you have booked the casino tables to start.


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